You can control your mind completely especially if you are a coder

A wandering mind was the greatest problem of my life. A mind that did not listen to my instructions. My own mind was a recipe for disaster. I had a mind that wandered off in its own dimensions and it got me into huge troubles in life. I suffered greatly from unwanted thoughts. But after I started coding extensively a lot of frivolous thoughts started disappearing. My mind changed, I changed!!! I am surprised and amazed by the new me.

Coding makes you disconnect

Coding makes you disconnect from the past, present and the future and live in the world of problem solving. This is what problem solving does to your mind. Let me show you what happens in this example. So imagine 4 yellow trucks in a garage. Are you there in a garage with four yellow trucks? Now imagine 1 worker is assigned to each truck and each one of them is fixing a tire of their respective trucks. Now imagine, one of the trucks need attention and all four truck drivers start working on the same truck. The workers are all dressed in orange and now they need to call a manager who is wearing blue. All four of them including the manager starts working in the same truck. So where was your mind, when you had to imagine all the scenarios. This kind of imaginary problem solving greatly increases the focus of the mind. Now, try to solve the famous Tower of Hanoi problem.

There is a story about an ancient temple in India which has a large room with three towers surrounded by 64 golden disks. These disks are continuously moved by priests in the temple. According to the prophecy when the last move of the puzzle is completed. The world will end.

What is the game of the Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi consists of three pegs or towers with n disks placed one over the other. The objective of the puzzle is to move the stack to another peg following these simple rules. 1.) Only one disc can be moved at a time. 2.) No disk can be placed on top of the smaller disk.

So are you imagining the situation. What is such a problem doing to your brain? Is your brain wandering about or are you forcing your mind to think about something to solve a problem. Looks like you are not being controlled by your thoughts but you are controlling your thoughts.

This is exactly what coding does to you. It forces your mind to remain in one particular place to solve a problem. Your mind isn’t wandering about anymore. It is strictly in one place. Don’t worry I am not going to make you solve the algorithm with me. I am assuming you are a coder and is very much aware of the solution to the problem. But if you are not a coder, this is a very interesting problem. Please look it up. I am just illustrating my point. Coding forces the brain to remain focused on something which is a great exercise that forces the mind to remain in one place.

Small attention to details

What happens when you are not a very detail oriented person in general. If you are like me you will see the forest and not the trees. I was not at all focused on small details but now I am. When you start focusing on small details, the mind is forced to focus and not wander about. Here, let me prove it to you as to how the mind is forced to focus on details.

Here are some few lines of codes:

On the surface, this simple html code seems like it will work. But will it, really? There are errors in this code. And it will give an error. How do you figure out, what the errors are.

There are two errors in the head section. The tag for </head> and the tag for </title> is not closed properly as it should be. Notice how you had to zoom in and pay attention to all the details to find the errors. This kind of focus becomes habitual for being a programmer. You develop a habit to pay attention to minute details all the time.

If you are a coder, you are a learner

Coding exercises, tutorial nightmares, reading articles and building new projects. The list goes on and on and on. Learning becomes like breathing when you are a coder. A coder is someone who cannot be a beginner or even a mid level person. Those are fairy tales in the coding community. A coder is someone who is expected to be an expert. Even beginner level jobs have high expectations from you. Don’t be fooled by the job ads. Learning is the key to survival in the career. Learning becomes like breathing and coders really cannot afford to have a wandering mind. The mind is constantly focused on learning, building, creating and hence you can wave good bye to the old you and embrace the new you that coding reinvents.

Altogether, the weather will always be fine and the future of all coders will be bright everywhere.

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